Building by touch

As a young child I loved playing with LEGO, and as I got older I still do. And now they have the TECHNIC sets, I LOVE things that work but when you have 1/60 vision and only one eye that works, things can be….interesting to say the least.

So when my best friend of 39 years, came up from Otago (in the South Island) with her partner to attend a LEGO convention, THEN surprise me by coming to Hamilton before flying home, they kindly gave me a TECHNIC set (Kylee & Damian, you are amazing, love you long time).

I joined the LEGO Fandom NZ Facebook page and OMG I have met some amazing people. I started building and remembered how therapeutic it was, and my Support worker wanted in to.

Note: I am not going to do photo descriptions this time, next time I will do my best to as I plan to blog my builds.


Please don’t film my meltdown

Dear Parents/Guardians of Autistic children, there have in the last year or so, a new trend for videoing and posting your child’s meltdown….PLEASE DON’T!!

Ask yourself this, would you video your non-Autistic child having a tantrum? If the answer is “No”, then for the exact same reason, do not do it to your Autistic child.

Meltdowns are something we cannot help (where a child can help having a tanty), and videoing us and then putting it all over the internet is removing not only the child’s autonomy but, also saying they have no rights, no right to privacy and definitely tells people you don’t care/don’t have empathy.

You may think “Oh but I am doing it to show people what I have to live with”, what you aren’t thinking about is the one who is going to be humiliated by your video.

If you see someone doing this, please tell them to stop and think about the child.

Thank you

Sock slider, review

You know those informercials, where they bombard you with all these products in the hopes of getting you to buy them? Well I thought “ok that could help me, let’s see if it really works”, Mum bought it for me and that night while in bed, I thought I would put it together.

Now I am going to review it, I will rate on ease of putting it together, ease of use and total out of 10.

Putting it together was painful, as I have arthritis in my hands and not much strength, I will give this 4/10.

Using the Sock slider is actually quite easy and lives up to the hype, for this I give it 6.5/10.

I do recommend this as it is helpful, if you have mobility issues. Downside is you need someone able, to put it together, so that I give it a total score of 5/10.

Deaf vs Hearing conversation

Ever heard “Don’t interrupt, it is rude”, “You shouldn’t listen to other people’s conversation, it is rude”? This is the hearing world, before you join a conversation you must say “excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation..” or “Excuse me, when you are free..”.

Deaf world no problem, you oversaw a conversation between 2 deaf people and found it interesting, you want to join in? Sweet, more the merrier, makes more interesting conversation.. You want to join but don’t know much sign? No problem, the fact you are trying with the little you do know, and are willing to learn, makes us like you even more.

As you can see, the two cultures are very different when it comes to conversation etiquette, and there is more but we will get into that later.

As promised, here is the link to the NZ national anthem in all 3 languages, enjoy..

God defend NZ

Why Sign Language IS important

You may wonder why I am writing this blog and wonder why I am so passionate about this subject, I will explain below.

There are many people out there who wish to take us back into the 1800s, they believe that Sign Language is dying and is no longer relevant because of the invention of Cochlear implants.. what happened in the 1800s you ask? At a conference held in Milan Italy, in 1880, ruled in favour of banning Sign Language and instead, Deaf were forced to be taught in an oralist education!! This had a HUGE effect on Deaf people and we almost lost our language!!

Many Audiologists, despite numerous studies proving otherwise, tell parents who are deciding on getting their child CI, are told NOT to teach their child Sign because it will hinder their ability to learn to speak, this is quite hilarious as I know many CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult), whose first language was Sign and they speak English better than most I know whose first language was English!!

Here are several reasons why Sign Language needs to be saved, this beautiful language MUST be saved….

Not all Deaf can get CI: You either have to have the implant in before the age of 5, or you must have had lost your hearing later in life. Even then CI doesn’t work for everyone.

Not ever Sign user is Deaf: No, many hearing use it too, for numerous reasons, ie they may non verbal, or their friends and family members may be deaf.

Deafblind need to know what’s going on: Yep that’s right, I cannot lipread, I cannot hear very good and because of my limited (and I mean limited) vision, I cannot just go to a meeting or a conference and come out of it and be able to tell you everything that was just said.

Sign Language is beautiful: Oh yeah and did I mention how beautiful it is? Sign language is so expressive and beautiful to watch!!

Next post, I will speak about Deaf culture and Hearing culture differs in regards to conversation etiquette, as well as post the link to the video of the New Zealand National anthem in all 3 of languages.